We went to Piet Hein Eek en Strijp-S last week.
I thrifted tableware somewhere in Eindhoven. The cup with saucer is from Arian Brekveld.
We ate asparagus and pancakes with strawberry's.
... and jitske is collecting stones and feathers.
School and work started again for us this week.

I've noticed that more people are reading my blog. Thank you for vistiting !

I find dandelions so beautiful and delicate.
I never bothered picking them because they never stay intact. Jitske calls them the 'blaas bloem' the blow flower.
I wanted to try and glue the whole thing with spray glue. I did this outside and it stayed sticky for a while but i have my dandelion for a whole lot longer now. I used a piece of iron wire to keep the flowerstalk strong.

We still have school holidays. We're loving it and Jitske is enjoying her time at home so much. Last week i asked her what she wanted to do and she said 'i want to play games and eat good food'.

A little while i got the Liebster Award from Alet from the blog Toilylu. Normally i ignore things like these but because i never share a lot about myself i thought it would be good to answer these 11 questions she asked me.

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started following some blogs like Zilverblauw and Ninainvorm and felt the need to start my own blog to share the things that i make. I used to have a website but gave that one up when i had my oldest daughter.

2. If you could describe your blog in one sentence what would this sentence be?
Sharing the things i make and beautiful images.

3. Which song has recently touched you?
I dont listen to music a lot. But if the songs my daughter sings count it will be that. I love it when she sings.

4. What are the things that you really enjoy?
A simple life with an empty agenda. Good food on the table and kids playing in the garden. Gardening and seeing the things grow well. And defnitely making things: crafting / painting / baking.

5. What are your hidden talents?
Most of my talents i use. My hidden talent is probably taking pictures. I have a new camera and i'm spending all my spare with this camera.

6. What is your favorite holiday destination?
I dont have a favorite place. I like to be somewhere warm and i prefer no rain. We always go camping and then we just dont need rain. Wherever we go i like to go to local bakeries.

7. If you could immigrate where would you go?
At this moment: France, Spain or Portugal

8. What are your top 3 books at this moment?
I don't really read books. I read magazines. I don't have the patience to read books. I craft instead. We don't have a tv either. I like to watch a good film though.

9. What's your favorite food?
I like everything basically. I like eating cake... a lot of it. I like avocada salad and chocolate.

10. Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
Sweet, creative, simple (i like to lead a simple life), daring, skilfully.

11. What are you dreams for the future?
I want to immigrate with my family and have a bed & breakfast and a campground, a vegetable garden and a few animals. To teach and give workshops to people. Bake lots of cakes and lead a happy life with my husband and children.


My styling the seasons for this month. I am keeping it simple because my time is spare, I have lots of things to do for others. When Saturday is over i have more time left to do my own things.

For this months styling the seasons we picked flowers during our walk just outside our town. I used the flowers for our dinner table decoration.

#Styling the seasons community hosted by Lotts and lots and Apartment Apothecary

NOTE: it's lemonade in the above picture

You see them everywhere at the fleamarket here in the area. So i decided to take one home and give puss'n boots a friend. 
You need: a strong looking man, gold spraypaint, tissue and tape. 
to do: cover his head with tissue and fasten this with tape. Spraypaint the little man a couple of times and he's ready to decorate your home. 

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